Metropoly is an arcade style game where you try to gather as large a crowd as possible in the city streets.Primarily optimized for Android and in Active Development - please leave some feedback and enjoy!

Game Play:

Click or Touch to change direction.

Move into pedestrians to add them to your crowd.

If your pedestrains overlap another players crowd, the player with the larger crowd will add them to their own. Collect the largest crowd to win!


  1. Download the Windows .zip file.
  2. Unzip the .zip file to a folder. 
  3. Open up that folder and double click on the .exe file. 

Sign up for the Beta on Google Play!


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Lots of fun!

I made a video for you:

I have 2 suggestions for you too-

1) make it so we can customize or at least select the characters!

2) the AI is super easy right now - can we change the difficulty to make it more fun?

Thank you for the lets play video and the suggestions LightBurst!
Customization is now implemented for the characters,  and the AI difficulty should be more challenging in the next release. Please look forward to it!